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from 855 reviews, which is wholly owned and operated by Aveling Homes Pty Ltd, displays the official customer handover reviews that have been received by Aveling Homes Pty Ltd since January 2014.We decided to establish this review website for our customers as we strongly oppose review websites that allow people to be paid incentives in exchange for their reviews. As the ACCC says “The ACCC recognises the potential for incentives to cause biased reviews, inflating review results and misleading consumers in some circumstances”: ACCC Online Reviews Guide-November 2013.

Aveling Homes is proud to say that no review on this website has been received due to a financial incentive.

Any official customer handover review form that did not have an option for the customer to provide an overall rating of Aveling Homes Pty Ltd has not been published. Some clients may specifically request that we do not publish their official customer handover review. If a client makes such a request then we will not publish their handover review. Aveling Homes Pty Ltd will keep a copy of such requests. Prior to January 2014 Aveling Homes Pty Ltd did not conduct official handover reviews. Aveling Homes Pty Ltd has verified that all published reviews are those of actual clients. Aveling Homes Pty Ltd confirms that no review has been altered prior to publication except for the removal of employee and sales agents names in order to protect their privacy (this accounts for the underlined spaces in some reviews) is not associated with On the 1st of February 2017 Aveling Homes Pty Ltd consolidated its various trading names and as a result of this decision now includes official customer handover reviews from the First Home Owners Centre and Aveling Developments. Building contracts for all reviews on this website were signed with Aveling Homes Pty Ltd. Aveling Homes possesses a copy of each of these client reviews. Some customers have opted to provide a star rating only without a supporting comment.

  • Maria & Staffan Brown
    Contract Number: G1240
    Verified by Aveling Homes Official
    reviewed on December 15, 2017

    We are very satisfied with the overall experience as first time home builders and would recommend this company to family and friends. We are very happy to have had _____ and _____ looking after construction process. Their way of dealing with problems and making us feel reassured was excellent. Thank you Aveling for great service and product from beginning to end.

  • Nicole & John Martino
    Contract Number: G1273
    Verified by Aveling Homes Official
    reviewed on December 15, 2017

    Building with Aveling has been such a great experience and we couldn’t be happier with our new home. At every stage of the building process staff were able to answer our questions and always responded with the utmost professionalism.

  • Nicholas Liyanage
    Contract Number: 12489
    Verified by Aveling Homes Official
    reviewed on December 14, 2017

    Few hiccups along the way as there would be with anything as complicated as building a house, but overall very happy with the timely fashion everything was done and the professionalism shown from everyone we dealt with. Very quick replying to our emails (and we sent a lot), and very informative throughout the process. Would build with Aveling again if we get the chance.

  • Clive & Lizzie De Senneville
    Contract Number: 12485
    Verified by Aveling Homes Official
    reviewed on December 13, 2017

    When I was shopping for a builder I had decided not to build with Aveling homes as I visited the website to see what was on offer and I used the chat facility, with my first message stating my name number, and email address and how much would one of the designs I saw cost. The chat after a few messages later asked me for my name number and email address whilst still avoiding my initial question. I found this very unprofessional, and at that stage did not intent on using Aveling. ______ _______ however contacted me and tried to help out and I shut him down at least 3 times however his persistence secured him a meeting with my wife and I. We had already seen two other consultants, and _____ was very prepared and willing to adjust plans two what would work for us. He managed to put together a very competitive price and his overall professionalism secured the business. All the other aspects of the build were very satisfactory. A couple small things were upsetting however they may not have been avoidable.

  • Nielsen & Mital Kotadiya
    Contract Number: 12457
    Verified by Aveling Homes Official
    reviewed on December 8, 2017

    Hi All Our experience with Aveling homes was very nice, Aveling homes was recommended to us by our friends and we contacted them and from there on we had good experience till house completion. At the beginning we had few issues with design approval from council regarding house design and building contract addenda, but it got rectified before the pre-start meeting. We would recommend Aveling homes to our friends and other first home buyers who are out there going to build their first dream home. Thank you to all Aveling home staff, sales consultant ______ ___________, ______ ____ and _______ ______.

  • Kristal Taylor & Scott Baker
    Contract Number: 12490
    Verified by Aveling Homes Official
    reviewed on December 8, 2017

    From our very first meeting with _____ ______ we knew that Aveling Homes were the right builders for us. When building a home there is a lot to digest but every step was made easy for us by everyone involved. We have been very impressed with whole process and especially with the end result. We would definately recommend Aveling Homes to family and friends.

  • Pauline George
    Contract Number: 12443
    Verified by Aveling Homes Official
    reviewed on December 8, 2017

    I am very happy with the process and weekly updates and would highly recommend Aveling Homes, _____ has been absolutely wonderful to deal with. Prompt action was taken minor hiccups. Thank you for making this a wonderful experience, I will use Aveling Homes again 🙂

  • Sonita Cutfield
    Contract Number: 12451
    Verified by Aveling Homes Official
    reviewed on December 1, 2017

    Would be nice to retain some connection with the sales person, especially when the home is a new design not off the plans. A simple text from _____ once the pad went down and maybe another at handover would feel more complete.