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from 715 reviews, which is wholly owned and operated by Aveling Homes Pty Ltd, displays the official customer handover reviews that have been received by Aveling Homes Pty Ltd since January 2014.We decided to establish this review website for our customers as we strongly oppose review websites that allow people to be paid incentives in exchange for their reviews. As the ACCC says “The ACCC recognises the potential for incentives to cause biased reviews, inflating review results and misleading consumers in some circumstances”: ACCC Online Reviews Guide-November 2013.

Aveling Homes is proud to say that no review on this website has been received due to a financial incentive.

Any official customer handover review form that did not have an option for the customer to provide an overall rating of Aveling Homes Pty Ltd has not been published. Some clients may specifically request that we do not publish their official customer handover review. If a client makes such a request then we will not publish their handover review. Aveling Homes Pty Ltd will keep a copy of such requests. Prior to January 2014 Aveling Homes Pty Ltd did not conduct official handover reviews. Aveling Homes Pty Ltd has verified that all published reviews are those of actual clients. Aveling Homes Pty Ltd confirms that no review has been altered prior to publication except for the removal of employee and sales agents names in order to protect their privacy (this accounts for the underlined spaces in some reviews) is not associated with On the 1st of February 2017 Aveling Homes Pty Ltd consolidated its various trading names and as a result of this decision now includes official customer handover reviews from the First Home Owners Centre and Aveling Developments. Building contracts for all reviews on this website were signed with Aveling Homes Pty Ltd. Aveling Homes possesses a copy of each of these client reviews. Some customers have opted to provide a star rating only without a supporting comment.

    Contract Number: 12294
    Verified by Aveling Homes Official
    reviewed on October 27, 2016

    Extremely satisfied with the whole experience. Your staff were always very professional and courteous and no request or query was a problem to them. Everything handled in a timely manner and we re looking forward to moving into our new beautiful home. Thank you so much.

  • Zoe
    Contract Number: 12270
    Verified by Aveling Homes Official
    reviewed on October 27, 2016

    Based on stories we have heard others have during their build we feel very lucky. Purely based on our own journey we are so pleased with our overall experience with all of the people involved in the build. Our sales guy couldn’t do enough. There were a couple of issues with paperwork but nothing drastic and we can all make errors so that doesn’t change our ratings. Pre start with _______ was easy and turned out to be really fun. She is clearly knowledgeable and knows your products well. _______ has been great and a pleasure to deal with. Our site supervisor _______ has been amazing. They’re an absolute credit to the company. The trades that have come out have been neat and seem to take pride in their work and the results have been quality. The brickies in particular were really good, as was the tiler, and I hope they’re part of the regular trades that you deal with. _______ seems to be all over everything and had the trades lined up well in advance. Honestly there’s not much i could pick fault with. Please ensure our gratitude are passed on to _______, _______ and _______ and their supervisors. Individual people can make a company and they have most definitely helped with our overwhelmingly positive experience and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you guys. We already have been doing this on Facebook. I have found it strange that a lot of people don’t seem to be aware of Aveling and I think perhaps profile and marketing is something you could look to improve on. Everyone seems to know Dale Alcock build quality houses, if people look for style and a solid wow factor they seem to talk about them and even HGWA now. Aveling is maybe a quiet achiever who needs to show their face a little more and stand for ‘something’. You should also note feedback from our building inspectors. They have said several times that they find multiple issues with builds and receive generally problematic responses from the buildinh companies involved. They say they find very few issues with Aveling builds and that you are happy to work with them for the benefit of your mutual clients. They have even gone as far as saying that they would recommend Aveling in their professional capacity as inspectors and I hope that you take this as a huge compliment.

  • Josh Mcalindon & Rebbecca Cera
    Contract Number: 12179
    Verified by Aveling Homes Official
    reviewed on October 25, 2016

    We were very happy with the level of service provided by Aveling Homes. A special mention to our site manager _______ who went above and beyond to make sure our home was completed to the absolute highest standard. We would recommend Aveling to friends and family and would not build with anyone else. Thanks for our new home!

  • Kylie Dyson
    Contract Number: 12285
    Verified by Aveling Homes Official
    reviewed on October 24, 2016

    From start to finish, Aveling Homes have been professional, helpful and friendly. My overall experience has been very good and all aspects have gone smoothly. In fact, my build went quicker than expected which makes it a very good experience.

  • Donna flentjar
    Contract Number: 12201
    Verified by Aveling Homes Official
    reviewed on October 24, 2016

    We are very happy with our new home. It took a bit to get to the construction side of things but _______ was amazing and helped us get there a lot quicker. Once we reached construction we could not fault Aveling Homes. This was our sixth build, two of them being owner builds so going with a builder we were a bit nervous as previous builds with other builders were not too great. The quality finish of our home is amazing. We could not have done any better ourselves. We were very lucky we had a great site manager and construction consultant which definitely contributed to the amazing build. Thankyou Aveling Homes we are very happy customers and we would highly recommend anyone looking to build to definitely give Aveling homes a go.

  • Asvin Bhudia
    Contract Number: 12262
    Verified by Aveling Homes Official
    reviewed on October 21, 2016

    As with job 12134, sales and construction were great. Pre-start was hit/miss (i.e. inconsistent). With the finished product, the painters were impressed with the finish as were the flooring installers. Good experience overall on both projects and no hesitation coming back in the future

  • Paul Shuttleworth
    Contract Number: F1107
    Verified by Aveling Homes Official
    reviewed on October 19, 2016

    very happy with _______ and _______, both very helpful and professional. will definitely recommend to a friend

  • Jagdev Singh
    Contract Number: 12202
    Verified by Aveling Homes Official
    reviewed on October 14, 2016

    Your staff who are doing pre start should be given more training and _______ provided us with the wrong colour. We had asked about the colours of the _______ display home and she mentioned that there were 3 colours. We made it very clear that we do no want the dark colour and will go with the lighter ones. This was noted down during our pre start meeting. But we were given the wrong information as there were only 2 colours used for the render of the house and not 3! And when this was brought to the attention of the office as always they asked if there was anything in an email. Now when you have a pre start meeting you have faith in your consultant to do the what has been discussed. Sales consultant should be more transparent with progress of the house. Not tell us sign the contract and you can change this later on at the pre start. Being 1st time builders we were naive and not aware that once you sign the contract you can’t change anything as all that includes cost. 1st home buyers do not have extra cash in their banks to pay for any extra variation cost. More information of what happens after the contract is sign would had been great!