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from 860 reviews, which is wholly owned and operated by Aveling Homes Pty Ltd, displays the official customer handover reviews that have been received by Aveling Homes Pty Ltd since January 2014.We decided to establish this review website for our customers as we strongly oppose review websites that allow people to be paid incentives in exchange for their reviews. As the ACCC says “The ACCC recognises the potential for incentives to cause biased reviews, inflating review results and misleading consumers in some circumstances”: ACCC Online Reviews Guide-November 2013.

Aveling Homes is proud to say that no review on this website has been received due to a financial incentive.

Any official customer handover review form that did not have an option for the customer to provide an overall rating of Aveling Homes Pty Ltd has not been published. Some clients may specifically request that we do not publish their official customer handover review. If a client makes such a request then we will not publish their handover review. Aveling Homes Pty Ltd will keep a copy of such requests. Prior to January 2014 Aveling Homes Pty Ltd did not conduct official handover reviews. Aveling Homes Pty Ltd has verified that all published reviews are those of actual clients. Aveling Homes Pty Ltd confirms that no review has been altered prior to publication except for the removal of employee and sales agents names in order to protect their privacy (this accounts for the underlined spaces in some reviews) is not associated with On the 1st of February 2017 Aveling Homes Pty Ltd consolidated its various trading names and as a result of this decision now includes official customer handover reviews from the First Home Owners Centre and Aveling Developments. Building contracts for all reviews on this website were signed with Aveling Homes Pty Ltd. Aveling Homes possesses a copy of each of these client reviews. Some customers have opted to provide a star rating only without a supporting comment.

  • Abe Tomboc
    Contract Number: 12496
    Verified by Aveling Homes Official
    reviewed on February 26, 2018

    Choosing the aveling homes as my builder was indeed a very good choice for me as they had provided me an excellent service and assistance with regard to building my new home

  • Thomas & Forster
    Contract Number: 12561
    Verified by Aveling Homes Official
    reviewed on February 23, 2018

    Overall satisfied with the service and profesionallism. Everyone was extremely helpful and responded to all enquiries quickly.

  • Alessandro & Margarita Bosi
    Contract Number: 12479
    Verified by Aveling Homes Official
    reviewed on February 23, 2018

    Our experience was fine overall.

  • Ross Curby & Beth Carr
    Contract Number: 12523
    Verified by Aveling Homes Official
    reviewed on February 22, 2018

    Extremely happy with the whole process, the time flew! Thank you very much for all the assistance.

  • Rebecca Sandell-Hay
    Contract Number: F1218
    Verified by Aveling Homes Official
    reviewed on February 19, 2018

    The support from ______ and work completed by _____ was the two over all factors that made this experience manageable. They have done such a wonderful job and as I said earlier I am so happy to have had them looking after my place. They are extremely professional and friendly and I feel I owe them a lot. Many thanks, especially for all the extra support and care.

  • Graeme and Gail Wright
    Contract Number: 12054
    Verified by Aveling Homes Official
    reviewed on February 14, 2018

    Taking into account difficulties in the beginning we were pleased that Aveling took the initiative to respond to our requirements in a helpful and professional manner. We are delighted with the overall finish on our new home. Thank you Aveling staff.

  • Margaret Wallace & Mark Campbell
    Contract Number: 12498
    Verified by Aveling Homes Official
    reviewed on February 13, 2018

    OVERALL communications & our expectations met. Any issues in the next six months will be addressed as required

  • John & Rose Ozimek
    Contract Number: 12497
    Verified by Aveling Homes Official
    reviewed on February 9, 2018

    We found them a great company to deal with