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from 860 reviews, which is wholly owned and operated by Aveling Homes Pty Ltd, displays the official customer handover reviews that have been received by Aveling Homes Pty Ltd since January 2014.We decided to establish this review website for our customers as we strongly oppose review websites that allow people to be paid incentives in exchange for their reviews. As the ACCC says “The ACCC recognises the potential for incentives to cause biased reviews, inflating review results and misleading consumers in some circumstances”: ACCC Online Reviews Guide-November 2013.

Aveling Homes is proud to say that no review on this website has been received due to a financial incentive.

Any official customer handover review form that did not have an option for the customer to provide an overall rating of Aveling Homes Pty Ltd has not been published. Some clients may specifically request that we do not publish their official customer handover review. If a client makes such a request then we will not publish their handover review. Aveling Homes Pty Ltd will keep a copy of such requests. Prior to January 2014 Aveling Homes Pty Ltd did not conduct official handover reviews. Aveling Homes Pty Ltd has verified that all published reviews are those of actual clients. Aveling Homes Pty Ltd confirms that no review has been altered prior to publication except for the removal of employee and sales agents names in order to protect their privacy (this accounts for the underlined spaces in some reviews) is not associated with On the 1st of February 2017 Aveling Homes Pty Ltd consolidated its various trading names and as a result of this decision now includes official customer handover reviews from the First Home Owners Centre and Aveling Developments. Building contracts for all reviews on this website were signed with Aveling Homes Pty Ltd. Aveling Homes possesses a copy of each of these client reviews. Some customers have opted to provide a star rating only without a supporting comment.

  • Adrian & Cathy Knowles
    Contract Number: G1269
    Verified by Aveling Homes Official
    reviewed on April 6, 2018

    I’ll send through a email saying how pleased we are starting with _____ right through to ____ ________.

  • Jeff Hamilton
    Contract Number: 12426
    Verified by Aveling Homes Official
    reviewed on April 5, 2018

    Builders know that once you have signed the Building contract that there is nothing a client can do in regards to variation pricing; ie you either accept the over charging or you just go without. The Pre-start consultant was belligerently disgraceful in that regard and soured the relationship from that point on. Some of the nonsensical reasoning given for the over charging will make for good reading. Before I signed up with Aveling I mentioned to the Sales Consultant that I had heard bad reports about them. _____ emailed me a link to the Product Review Website with all its glowing reviews. I subsequently see that Aveling was fined $380k “for engaging in conduct liable to mislead the public in connection with two online review websites” (quote from the West Australian). I was only informed after I signed the building contract that I was required to pay for the prestart variations up front or construction would not start. When I queried where this was written in the contract, I was not given an answer, only reminded that construction would not start until the variation was paid. This is disgraceful. I intend to document my experience with Aveling and lobby the Government that changes are needed on how the residential building industry operates.

  • Kaitlyn Corley
    Contract Number: 12544
    Verified by Aveling Homes Official
    reviewed on March 29, 2018

    It was a very good experience. It was my first home and made it an easy and great experience. I would definitely build with Aveling Homes again.

  • Mitchell Kerr and Melissa Green
    Contract Number: 12597
    Verified by Aveling Homes Official
    reviewed on March 27, 2018

    We’re extremely happy we decided to build with Aveling Homes.

  • Serina Chan & Adrian Mok
    Contract Number: 12553
    Verified by Aveling Homes Official
    reviewed on March 23, 2018

    From start to finish of the building process, it has been smooth sailing and any queries that we may have had was always attended to in a timely and professional manner. Brad was fantastic and understood what our requirements were being that our house had to be custom-built. ______ and ______ were patient with us during the pre-start process whilst ____ and ____ were both very responsive and was very good at attending to any queries that we have had throughout the journey. It was our first time building and the whole team at Aveling has made it extremely pleasant and stress-free for us. We will definitely recommend Aveling to our friends and family! Many thanks to the team!

  • Tina, Kris, Pat & Sandy Graham
    Contract Number: 12406/12422
    Verified by Aveling Homes Official
    reviewed on March 23, 2018

    unfortunately our Build has been a difficult and stressful experience. However, some of which has been due to advice from the Department of Water and the Shire, therefore, out with Aveling Homes control. In saying that we did have our fair share of issues in the early stages of our Build dealing with a certain incompetent person in Sales who seemed to make things up rather than obtain factual information which literally cost me more dollars! Therefore, being removed from Sales, when that component is complete and being handed over to each Specialist in their building area more quickly may have rectified these issues. I would like to take this opportunity to thank both ______ and ______ for all that they have done during our Build, they truly are an asset to your company.

  • Hadyn Lowe
    Contract Number: 12610
    Verified by Aveling Homes Official
    reviewed on March 22, 2018

    A few avoidable hiccups along the way, but satisfied with the finished product. See question 15 and refer to the email sent to _______ 25/8/17 Re:12610 – VO4.

  • Shannon Keane
    Contract Number: F1217
    Verified by Aveling Homes Official
    reviewed on March 16, 2018

    Everything was fine and as expected , Only dissatisfaction was with the plumbers, not fixing all their leaks but signing off compliance certificates and performing pressure tests that must of failed but we’re still signed off. Issues were eventually resolved.