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reviewed on November 5, 2019
Contract Number: G1343

The overall experience can be described as a bitter-sweet roller coaster. I started off with confidence, that has been upheld by the sales meetings, then as I entered into doing the paperwork, I find a few bumps. As we go into pre start, which is where it all crumbles. The salvaging of the situation is like we tried our best. Somewhat there is a delay in the middle in getting my neighbours compliance. I ended up going out there twice in 2 separate months to get compliance. Makes me wonder if that was delay tactics. Only when the build commenced in March then my confidence was restored by meeting ____. And ______ has been patient and helpful along the way. The houses turned out beautiful with a few issues but can be resolved. I am proud to tell my friends that Aveling build good homes. However, I would make a few recommendations based on my own experience and this is outweigh by the quality build. It does leave me with hesitation to wish these issues will not occur again if I am to build with Aveling or anyone in future. – Timely communication: I have been told that your guys couldn’t get hold of my neighbours to sign the agreement or compliance for building to happen. One neighbour said she signed it earlier Aug or Sept? I was asked to get signature off a neighbour in Nov/Dec. Then I got a similar request in Jan. They are all the same documents, but stretched more than 3 months. If there is something that is not happening within the first 4 weeks. I think it should be more open to owners to get help so that there is no delay – Upfront listing of procedures: I was given instructions and information to get Power, Water meters, NBN, etc documents signed or get something going, adding a meter, etc in dribs and drabs. Somehow an email I had received before was, you have to do this now, or that could not be done. If there is a list or preempt of what is required for clients to do for the house, then I won’t be so flustered and pressured to get this done. – Not having a go at Sales, who does a good job. But there has to be communication to other departments of what they promised. My partner and I ended up having to repeat what we were promised during the sales meetings, pre construction contracts, at every other stage before the build in order to get what we want. Then the bombshell of the costs came in or according to engineering, this could not be done. Be upfront about the costs, the plans and what it entails should we enter the contract. Not after we enter the contract with the world promised to us, then we end up with a sour taste in our mouths. The build is great, the guys on the sites are doing a great job. ____ has been listening to us. The admin side could be improved. Thanks for listening. Best Wishes.