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reviewed on February 13, 2020
Contract Number: 12874

Very fast service, we always had any queries answered quickly by _______. It’s been a great experience for our first home, no issues at all. 10/10 would build with again

reviewed on February 5, 2020
Contract Number: 12868

With the exception of a few glitches that were responded to professionally, the build process and experience were good.

reviewed on December 6, 2019
Contract Number: 12785

Aveling Homes was recommended to us by a friend. It wasn’t our first choice to build with, but after dealing with ___________ (Sales Rep), we were extremely pleased with his service, knowledge, patience, designs and professionalism. He was a great representative for Aveling Homes and made us trust what Aveling has to offer. _________ from pre-start was great to deal with and was very informative and knowledgable with her work. However, a negative we had with pre-start, is the website was not comprehensive enough and was difficult to navigate through. ________ (Construction Consultant) has been very prompt to address our concerns and followed up within a timely manner. ____ (Site Supervisor) was very patient with us and addressed all our concerns. He ensured the standard of our house is of a high standard. Thank you to everyone who helped us along the way! Would definitely recommend to our family and friends. Things for improvement: 1) Pre-start website to be better 2) Aveling Homes to be more flexible with owner request e.g. Painting 3) More flexible operating hours/meeting hours after sign-up (____________ was very accommodating with meeting times, however, after sign-up, meeting hours were limited to business hours only)

reviewed on November 30, 2019
Contract Number: 12808

Overwhelming at the start, not a lot of information and mixed or disorganized communication. Once the build started it was going smoothly but when a serious concern was raised and discussed it was swiftly disregarded and rectified unsatisfactory. Still with problems… However there was always work being done and we were always informed of the progress which was reassuring and would make me consider using aveling again…

reviewed on November 12, 2019
Contract Number: 12867

We are extremely satisfied. From the beginning to hand over we were kept up with every stage of the build. All our questions were answered to our satisfaction. From beginning to end we were carried along in a very professional manner.

reviewed on November 11, 2019
Contract Number: 12786

It has been a good build, the staff have been very helpful and supportive. ____ _____, ______, _________ and ____ have all been great, and very helpful. We had some issues with another staff member during the contract/council phase, but this has already been discussed and resolved with their manager last year.

reviewed on November 6, 2019
Contract Number: 12851

Love my new home. Have found the whole house building exercise very stressful with the banks etc Found the professionalism of ______ and _______ to be outstanding Problems or concerns we always addressed in a very timely manner Will definitely recommend Aveling homes to friends