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reviewed on June 9, 2021
Contract Number: 13008

Whilst extremely satisfied with the construction perspective of the build, the entire preconstrution element is less than desirable for your clients. Our sales representative was inattentive, skipped core elements of the contract information (paid for at down the track at our expense), avoided queries and as soon as our contract was signed, we never had contact with them again. The customer service by administration staff was awful and had us regretting choosing Aveling. Receiving a call from a member of staff stating that us (the clients) were uneducated is disrespectful and degrading. Having hostile interactions with staff and having them shut down the building process on us following their mistakes, was difficult to endure and unnecessary. In light of this, the construction team were amazing – their communication was superb, the workmanship was great, they went above and beyond to ensure client satisfaction and for that we thank them. Whilst we acknowledge this is a difficult time to be building, the poor customer service provided by administration staff through the preconstruction process cannot be overlooked. Overall, we have been satisfied with the process and would recommend Aveling based on the final product received and the members of staff we interacted with during the construction process.

reviewed on June 9, 2021
Contract Number: 12987

Our experience with Aveling homes has been a real pleasure from the word go. There were a few hiccups along the way as you would expect when building. ______ went above and beyond to ensure we were kept in the loop and that any concerns were being taken care of. We are truly grateful and will definitely tell friends and family about our experience. Best Regards _______, ______and little _______.

reviewed on May 24, 2021
Contract Number: G1367

People I have dealt with are professional and proficient. When difficult times presented themselves, Aveling Homes were there to help. Practice insight on licensing on childcare centres would be beneficial moving forward (site specific). Happy with the process.

reviewed on May 21, 2021
Contract Number: F1440

Overall the experience was great, it is always anxious building a first home. Our construction consultant helped with that anxiousness by always keeping up with replies to our emails. Site manager was great as well as he always turned up on time and explained everything that needed to be in an experienced manner.

reviewed on May 13, 2021
Contract Number: 12901-R

I’ve had a long and adventurous journey will Aveling homes, but it was all worth it in the end.

reviewed on May 7, 2021
Contract Number: 12966

I’m so happy from start to finish

reviewed on April 30, 2021
Contract Number: G1394

Overall the experience was great. The build quality was very impressive. There were a couple of instances where I felt the ‘easy option’ was recommended due to changed site conditions or unavailability of products but without regard to what it is that we wanted. This was a higher spec build and therefore warranted a slightly different approach to a standard build. But overall professionalism and friendliness of staff was fantastic. Would definitely build with Aveling again.

reviewed on March 17, 2021
Contract Number: 12886

Our experience with Aveling Homes has been a very positive one, the staff we dealt with – ______/______/______/______ were attentative and solved any issues that arose. We would highly recommend building with Aveling and look forward to moving into our new Wembley Downs home.