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reviewed on June 13, 2019
Contract Number: 12773

Aveling Homes have been very accommodating in our requests and building needs. The team have been very responsive and helpful.

reviewed on June 6, 2019
Contract Number: N12279

Overall, we are satisfied with the quality of service we received. The only negative experience was during pre start and early construction phase. Issues included: 1. Being told during design / signup stage that certain items were included in the packaged. 2. Then, during Pre-start we were told that these items were not included?

reviewed on May 17, 2019
Contract Number: 12465

We came to Aveling as _______ _________was highly recommended to us. We found all of Aveling staff very helpful and willing to work with us at each stage of the build. We were very happy with the quality of the trades used especially the bricklayers,the tiler, the roof carpenter (____), roof plumber____),______’s Windows and doors. Also ____ industries professional handling of their mistake with our garage door. All in all a pleasant relatively stress free experience. I would suggest that more site meetings should be held during the process as had we not had the access that I had some of the problems that we had would not have been picked up until a lot later and then would have had to be addressed a lot later. (Prevention better than cure theory).

reviewed on May 9, 2019
Contract Number: 12778

Consultant and site manager did well during the period.

reviewed on May 8, 2019
Contract Number: 12704

______ _________ sold us on the Aveling experience and it has been great since! ______ who took over from our previous consultant was very helpful and on the ball. ___, our site manager did a brilliant job in ensuring the house was built to standards and kept the site clean and accessible to us. Overall, it was a very pleasant and professional experience with Aveling. We will not hesitate to build with them again.

reviewed on May 3, 2019
Contract Number: 12308

We have some issues/concerns regarding the initial phase of our build, that we were not satisfied with. We will send a separate email soon outlining these.

reviewed on May 2, 2019
Contract Number: G1315

Professional once we got the building process on the way, very slow to get the process going